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Here you'll find updated information from other 1994 alumni.  I hope you enjoy the site. Currently we have 220 registered alumni!

What's New?
New or Recently updated Alumni:
Susan Maechell "Arnold" Davis (updated 2/8/08)
Michael Haltiwanger (new 2/13/08)
Mindy "Anderson" Hoffmann (new 2/28/08)
Gregory Allen (updated 4/1/08)
Jennifer "White" Graham (new 4/25/08)
Elizabeth "Ryle" Replogle (updated 5/12/08)
Teri "Mattson" Koubek (updated 8/4/08)
Lena "Clausen" Cook (new 8/12/08)
Deanna "Mojica" Stead (new 8/12/08)
Beth Hinds (new 8/14/08)
Steve Hermes (updated 10/23/08)
Carrie Kissinger (updated 11/12/08)
Samantha "Steffen" Leidholt (updated 11/30/08)
Michelle "Stevens" Reynolds (updated 3/23/09)
Lauren Gillooly (updated 5/26/09)
Carla Michelle "Heaton" Stacey (new 6/4/09)
Heather "Reed" Johns (updated 6/4/09)
Tanya "Rizzi" Scherr (updated 6/28/09)
Jennifer "Risner" Phelps (updated 10/27/09)
Kathy Jo "Guy" Higgins (updated 4/12/10)
Reunion 2004
Our 10 year class reunion was held on June 5, 2004.  Look for pictures from the event on the Reunion page.  It looked like everyone had a great time, and I've heard people are excited about the next one. I guess we won't have to wait that much longer as time seems to be flying by!

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