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Orange Park High School - Class of 1994

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Alumni First names with G-K


Gamaliel "Lopez" Rosa
Married, 1 child
Darmstardt, Germany

Ginny "Slusher" Haynie
Alpharetta, GA  
Married, 3 children
My husband Jeff and I live in Alpharetta with our 3 children - Jared, Jack and Jenna. They are all busy and super active and keep me spending most of my time in the car driving them around. In my spare time I do some children's photography!

Gregory D. Allen
Oxford, AL

Married, 2 chidren
Attended OPHS 1991 to 1994
I joined the Army in 1997 and was in for 4 yrs.  I am now working here in Alabama. I am working as a Waste Mgt. Opr. at a Chemical Demil Plant destroying chemical weapons. I got married to Jennifer on March 6, 2004 and have two kids. My 3 year old girl Kaitlyn and 10 month boy Brayden. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Greg Wood
Middleburg, FL

Married, no children - 3 dogs



Hadis Starr Parker

Heather "Loftus" Chouinard
Middleburg, FL    32068

Married, 1 child
Attended OPHS 1991 to 1994
Married Ronnie Chouinard (Class of '93), in Feb. 2000. Daughter, Megan.

Heather "Merrill" Hohman
Palm Bay, FL
Married, 1 child
Attended OPHS 1993 to 1994
After graduating, I went to FSU where I graduated in 1998 and then went to UCF for my Master's in Social Work.  Brian and I have moved back from Omaha and are living in Brevard County.  I am working at the local hospital as a Social Worker and Brian is working at the State Attorney's Office.  In January 2006, our son, Taylor William, was born.   Hope everyone is doing well.

Heather "Reed" Johns
Green Cove Springs, FL

Hollie "Michael" Michaels
Married, 2 children
Orange Park, FL
I married my wonderful husband in 1997, and we have 2 adorable girls. Their ages are 2 1/2 years and 7 weeks.  After OPHS, I attended SJRCC while working at Winn-Dixie part-time.  I got my AA in 1996, then transferred into UNF's College of Engineering to work on my BSEE.  For about two years I took all the math, physics, and circiuts classes I could take.  It guess it just wasn't my calling.  Shortly after I married, I put my education on hold to work in the real world.  I've been full-time with BCBS of FL for the past six years - it has flown by!  Now, (and I still can't believe it) I just resigned and became a stay-at-home mom.  Yippee!  Maybe now I'll take some on-line courses in business or something.  My husband is an automotive technician and dreams of owning his own shop.  (last revised: 10/12/2005)

Holly "Walls" Jackson
Orange Park, FL
I graduated from UNF in 1998 with a Bachelor's Degree in Education.  I am a special education teacher at Paterson Elementary.  I got married in 1999 and we live in Orange Park.



James Anderson
Jacksonville, FL



Jason Johnson
Orange Park, Fl 32073

I haven't done much since I graduated, I go to school sometimes and I work for UPS

Jason Powell
Martinsburg, WV
Attended OPHS 1991 to 1994
Graduated in 1998 from the University of Florida.  Got married to Susie in July, 1999, and work as a physical therapist while my wife gets ready to start medical school in the fall.


Jeanette "Ward" Andrescavage
St. Louis, MO
Married, 1 child
Went to school with you all K-8!

Jeanian Spanarelli
Tallahassee, FL 32305

I'm currently an Asst. Manager for a store in Tallahassee. From high school I left to play softball at Seminole Community College in Orlando for 2 years. I left there and moved back home to O.P. with mom and dad, then moved to Tallahassee. And from there I met my wife Mandy online moved out to New Orleans La., be with her for 2 years and then we both moved back to Tallahassee.

Jeff Caudel
Orange Park, FL
Married, 1 child
Attended OPHS 1991 to 1994
I married Jennifer Dale from Middleburg in 1999.  We now have a baby girl  I work in the family business as a consulting engineer/designer  I also started a graphic design business

Jeff Zerza
Married, 1 child on the way
Attended OPHS 1992 to 1994
After school, I moved to Gainesville, FL where I bartended for 4 years.  Over that time, I met a great girl from New Zealand who has been my wife for a little more than 2 years.  We have recently bought our first house back in Jax. and have a baby on the way

Jenifer Cage
Involved, 1 child
Middleburg, FL 

I'm a single mom to a beautiful daughter named Lauren who is 9 years old. She is a straight "A" student and in the 4th grade. I'm living in Middleburg and bought a new townhouse in 2005. I have been working for State Farm Insurance the past 9 years in claims and make the long drive to Jacksonville every day. I have never been married and wonder if I'm the last alumni to still be single..LOL  I was blessed this year when I met a wonderful guy who happens to be my neighbor and we have been dating the past year. Hope everyone is doing well and feel free to email me.


Jennifer "Callan" Martin
Married, 2 children
Attended OPHS 1992 to 1993
I moved my senior year and should have graduated with everyone in 1994. I live and work in Buford, Georgia. I have a Masters Degree is Early Childhood Education and have been a fifth grade teacher for 8 years. I have been married for almost 10 years and we have boy and girl twins that were born on January 15, 2005. Their names are Luke James and Grace Callyn (Gracie).

Jennifer "Griffis" Hill
Jacksonville, Florida
Graduated from JU in 2001 with a BSN and now working for St. Vincent's Medical Center Living in Mandarin. Married in October 2005, yes we're newlyweds.  My husband, Ryan Hill of Fernandina Beach, graduated from UNF in 2005 with a BA in business management and working for a local jacksonville business.

Jennifer "O'Connor" Wolfe
Plymouth, MA
Married, 2 kids, Emily & Connor.
I am a Manager of Operations at Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Massachusetts.   AIM: jwolfe88


Jennifer "Parkhurst" Rinnels

Married, 1 child
Colorado Springs, CO
I joined the U.S. Air Force, in 1997 and currently have been serving for 9 years.  I have one beautiful daughter and am married.  I am looking forward to returning back to Florida.  I am currently stationed at Sheppard AFB, in Wichita Falls, TX as an instructor.   additional email address:


Jennifer "Risner" Phelps
Gainesville, FL
Divorced, 1 son

After riding out the "dot-com" craze living outside of San Francisco, I am now back in Florida living in Gainesville (Go Gators!).  My family still lives in Orange Park, so I come to town every couple of weeks.  I'm currently a Sales Exec for Cox Business (the local cable provider) and have been here for about 5 years.  I have an adorable 6-year old son named Keoni.

Jennifer "Scallan" Malone
Married, 1 child on the way
Pensacola, FL

My husband is in the Reserves and is about to be activated for duty in Iraq; I am a criminal defense attorney


Jennifer Tous
Neptune Beach, FL



Jennifer "White" Graham
Palm Coast, FL

Married, 4 Children

Ready?  Here it goes . . . FCCJ Art Major, continued teaching dance classes, met husband at church dance, got married, moved to Palm Coast, started medical transcriptioning business, had 4 amazing kids (2 of each) and wondering how in the heck I am suddenly 32?!  How did this happen?!

Jeremy D. Barrows
Jacksonville, FL  32259
Attended OPHS 1991 to 1994
After 4 years in the Marine Corps, I attended FSU and received a BS in
Engineering in 2001.  I worked with Jeff Caudel at Caudel Engineering
for just over 2 years and am now working as a production engineer in
St. Augustine.  In the Spring of 2005 I finished my Master's in
Engineering at UF and will begin studying for my Professional
Engineering license in the Spring of 2006...  I figure that a year off
will do me some good.  I've been dating someone special for the past
few months but no serious plans as of yet.  My hat is off to everyone
that is married with children!  I enjoy cycling (road and mountain),
playing golf, and surfing.  If you're in to that stuff too, or if
you're just plain bored, shoot me an e-mail.  I had a blast at the 10
year reunion and hope to see everyone at the 20!

Jesse Skinner
Pleasanton, CA 
Involved, 1 Child 

Jill Johnson
Jacksonville, FL
Attended OPHS 1991 to 1994
I am currently working for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Jocelyn "Kircher" Alden
Married, 2 children
Mansfield, OH

Went to Elon College in North Carolina after graduation, however decided to come back to Orange Park the next year.  I worked full time and attended FCCJ, just to leave and transfer the next year to UCF.  I graduated from UCF in 1998 and began teaching.  I met my husband in 1999, and we were married November 2000.  I have two sons, Matthew was born January 2002, and Ryan was born April 2005.  I have been teaching different grades since 1999.  We recently moved to Mansfield, Ohio which will be a big change for us from Central Florida. I also now get to take a break from teaching and stay home with my boys.  I would love to hear from any of you.

Jodi "Kelly" Bronson
Memphis, TN 
Married, 2 children
I've been married since January of 1999 to Andy who is in the Navy.  We have two children, Owen (3) and Ellee Grace (18 months) who are absolutely amazing if I must say so myself!! ;-)  We lived in Kansas for about 3 years which was really fun and moved back to Orange Park in 2002. We are now living in Memphis, TN for the next couple of years and really like it so far (can't beat the bbq!!)  Haven't made it to Graceland yet but we'll get there eventually.  I am a stay-at-home mom and think it's the best job ever. 

John Kuehn
New York City, NY 
I graduated from UF in 98' with a degree in Architecture, I then moved and worked for 3 years in Washington DC, and now live and work in NYC for over 2 years... I didn't really graduate from OPHS, 'cause I moved..does that matter?!?!? 

John Smith

Jolinda "Roach" Kohl
Jacksonville, FL   32205 
Married, 1 child
I'm 32 now!! Oh my Lord.. 32!! My husband and I welcomed Trinity Janilizann Kohl 05/13/06. I was born to be a mom. I can't believe I didn't have kids sooner. We'd love to have more but we're still recovering from all of the life changes that one has brought about. That includes sending me back to work full time as a loan underwriter. The coaching practice that I worked so hard to open and talked about in my last update.. when I was has been put on hold. Its ok though I've got something much more precious now. :-)  So, I'm doing well as I hope all of you are. I have reconnected with a few of you over the years and I hope that continues. Take care... until next time.. Will I be 34??? lol. For pics visit

Jon Brewton
Orange Park, FL
Married, 1 Child 

Jorge Izquierdo

Joy Haijsman
Jacksonville, FL
I am a teacher at Ed White High School.  I have been there for 3 years.

Julie "Thrasher" Weinberg
Winter Park,  FL 
Married, 3 children

I graduated from FSU in 1998 and married my husband, Mark, in May 2001.  I worked for Disney as the manager of government relations. I have 3 boys, and am now a stay at home mom.  I am also an active board member of the down syndrome association of Central Florida.


Kathy Jo "Guy" Higgins

Orange Park, FL 
Married, 4 children

Well the year is 2010.  My kids are growing up fast and time is flying by,  my oldest child will be starting Orange Park High in August she is scheduled to graduate in 2014.  I can not believe we have been out of school for that long.  My kids still keep me pretty busy, they are all involved in one thing or another.  I finally joined face book & MySpace, I am so behind the times.  Would love to hear from some of you guys drop a line sometime.  And everybody stay safe.

Kathrine "Boyette" Tyre
Jacksonville, FL 

Married, 2 children
I  married in April, 1998 .  I have been working in the insurance industry for the last 5 years.  I recently moved back to Jacksonville from the Tampa Bay area.


Katrina (Kayti) "Hatcher" Furlong

Married, 5 children

Fleming Island, FL


Kellie "Weis" Newman

Tampa Bay Area 
Happily Married, 3 lovely young ladies
My family has recently relocated to the Tampa Bay area (Summer 06).  We are enjoying the area and love all that the Gulf Coast has to offer.  I have
been teaching for four years now, mostly Kindergarten.


Kelly Carver  

Jacksonville, FL


Kelly "Shirey" Huiskens
Valdosta, GA 

Married, 1 child 
I work for a Medical Imaging Company. I am married to an Air Force Pilot.  I had a baby girl, Delaney Marie, on May 18, 2005.


Kenley Reaves
West Virginia 

Married, 3 children 
I'm a police officer in West Virginia.


Kenneth Hickson
Attended OPHS 1991 to 1994


Kevin Casey Johnson
Atlanta, GA
I graduated from Belmont in Nashville, TN in 98. I then toured with bands until 06. I got married in 06, and moved to Atlanta, GA where I am the Shure microphone rep for the area.


Kevin Schad
Orange Park, FL

Married, 3 Children

While still holding a job at Skate Station(Skate N'Space), I attended college at FCCJ and later completed my criminal justice degree at St. Augustine Tech. Soon after I married my girl friend from high school(Dana Bujold MHS 91') and became manager of a skating facility in Mandarin. We currently have 3 childern(boy and a set of boy/girl twins).We are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer. 


Kimberly "Cayton" Brafford
Orange Park, FL
Married, 1 child
I am married to my highschool sweetheart Jeff Brafford.  I graduated from
Florida State University with a BS in Criminology.  Jeff and I had our first child, Landon, in March 2003.  I am currently a stay at home mom.


Kimberly "Pelland" Spadea

Married, 2 Children
Orange Park, FL
My husband has his own business buying forclosers. He fixes the house & I ran the office. Also I spend time with my 2 kids ages 7 and 10. 


Kim "Worth" Platz
Marietta, GA
I currently live in Marietta, Ga and work for Rich's Department store as a buyer.  I have been married for 3yrs. to a great guy named Jonathan and have a yorkie named Potter.


Kirsten Templeton

Kristen "Gonzales" Wilson
Married, 2 children

Kristie "Gildner" Langdale
Jacksonville, FL   32257
Attended OPHS 1992 to 1994
After high school, I went to work at Citibank Universal Card where I am still working.  I received my AA from FCCJ and am currently working on my BA from the University of Phoenix.  I am married with no children and 2 adorable pugs.

Kristie "Trippett" Callihan
Huntington, WV
Married, 1 child
I'm currently working on a Masters Degree  in Speech Therapy (hope to graduate 12/03).  I'm loving being a mom and can't wait ot have more.
MSN: kdcallihan

Kristine M. Rodgers
Tampa, FL

Kristy "Nemetz" Kalwjtys
Cary, NC
Just finished two years of teaching English in Poland. Married a fabulous Polish man in July, 2002. I am now returning to the US and can't wait.  Attended OPHS only my sophmore before being cruelly relocated. Wish I could have graduated with my lifelong friends who stayed.